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 [LensMe] Qlo 7 Color Brown Silicone Hydrogel 13.3mm 

Product name / Qlo 7 Color Overall diameter (DIA) / 14.4mm
Duration of use / 1 month Graphic diameter / 13.3mm
Manufacturer / LensMe BC / 8.8mm
Place of origin / South korea Moisture content / 38.5%
Frequency range / 0.00 to -8.00 Astigmatic / Impossible

qlo 7 color lens

qlo 7 color lens gray case

qlo 7 color contact gray lens

qlo 7 color Gray review

qlo 7 color gray 

 Lensme Qlo 7Color

 Qlo 7 Color Silicone Hydrogel


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I felt bigger than my usual lens. If you wear it for a special day or event, I think you will have a brilliant eye.


I usually feel cold when I see gray-colored lenses. But this lens feels a little warm!


The size of the graphics is 13.3mm smaller than the conventional qlo lens, but the lens design is much brighter. It is a more fitting lens when you make colorful makeup.


I was a little surprised because it was so gorgeous than I thought.
It looks different colors depending on the direction angle. More mysterious and beautiful. I love it!

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