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Blue Contacts

Vassen Mimyo HoloGram Blue Save 41%
$27.00 $15.99
Mimyo HoloGram Blue 13.5mm Product name  /  Mimyo HoloGram Overall diameter (DIA)  / 14.0mm Duration of use  /  6months /...
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Cocktail HoloGram Blue Hawaii Save 48%
$27.00 $13.99
Cocktail HoloGram Blue Hawaii Silicone Hydrogel 13.7mm * UV Blocking     Product name  /  Cocktail HoloGram Overall diameter...
In stock

Color Scandal 09 Blue Save 50%
$22.00 $10.99
Color Scandal 09 Blue 13.6mm Product name  /  Color Scandal Overall diameter (DIA)  / 14.0mm Duration of use  /  3months /...
In stock

Shining 3 Color SKY Blue Save 40%
$30.00 $17.99
Shining 3 Color Sky Blue 13.5mm LensMe Shining 3 Color Sky Blue lenses are a very much loved lenses from Kpop stars to famous Ulzzangs for its...
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Qlo 7 Color Blue Silicone Hydrogel Save 30%
$27.00 $18.99
[1+1]  Qlo 7 Color  Blue Silicone Hydrogel 13.3mm Product name  / Qlo 7 Color Overall diameter (DIA)  / 14.4mm...
In stock

Neo Vision Monet Blue Save 52%
$23.00 $10.99
Monet Blue 13.0mm Neo Monet Gray lenses give eyes a very slight natural grat hue for a more natural everyday look.   Product name  /...
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LensMeSugar Pearl 14K Blue 3Month 13.0mm Save 36%
$25.00 $15.99
Sugar Pearl 14K Blue 13.0mm  Product name  / Sugar Pearl  Overall diameter (DIA)  / 14.0mm Duration of use  / 3month...
In stock

Vassen Vavara 4 Color Blue Save 34%
$35.00 $22.99
Vavara 4 Color Blue 14.0mm The sensational eye creator, Vassen Vavara 4 Color Blue, was inspired by the beauty of cultural diversity, where east...
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Neo Vision Dali 3Color Blue Save 21%
$28.00 $21.99
Dali 3 Color Blue 13.4mm This Neo Vision Dali 3 Color Blue is a striking blue shade that fades into yellow at the center, adding mystery &...
In stock

MI Shou Cream HoloGram Blue Save 27%
$22.00 $15.99
Shou Cream HoloGram Blue 13.7mm A soft Shou Cream HoloGram Blue, a mild transformation, just enough to change your look. Sharp and striking grey hues...
In stock

Vassen NA HoloGram Blue Save 26%
$27.00 $19.99
NA HoloGram Blue 13.6mm This lens had a natural touch and amazingly comfortable. Rich and fine like an artist’s favorite paint, Vassen NA HoloGram...
In stock

Kiss&Kill 25 Blue Silicone Hydrogel Save 60%
$50.00 $19.99
Kiss&Kill 25  Blue  Silicone Hydrogel 13.5mm Product name  / Kiss&Kill 25 Overall diameter (DIA)  / 14.1mm...
In stock

Dugun Dugun Blue contacts Save 46%
$35.00 $18.99
Dugun  Dugun 3 Color Blue 14.0mm Complete your casual get-together or companions day out with LensMe Dugun 3 Color Blue 14mm that covers your eyes...
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