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 Whenever you place an order on our site your information is protected.  Your peace of mind is extremely important to kpop2. Kpop2 take your privacy seriously. Our circle lenses are safe since we deal with small toy companies who have great pride in the quality and safety of the products.


1. KFDA approval

: 100% KFDA approval for every circle lenses we sell.

Buy Safe Colored Contact Lenses


2. 100% safe payment

: Paypal, you can enjoy shopping online worry-free.



3. Free replacement

: Free replacement for any torn or damaged lenses.


4. Safe online ordering

: Every order is secured, confidential, and tamper-proof.


5. Consumer protection

: We helped write the fairness to circle Lens consumer act-protecting your right to buy cheap circle lenses wherever you choose.


6. Triple order verification

: Triple verification to ensure you get exactly what you ordered.


7. SSL Secured web site

: Secure transactions useing 256-bit encryption.