I have received my contacts today and I am very impressed by what I see. I really love your service and I will continue to order things from your website.
Just purchased these and three others (which I will be reviewing later), and they are so beautiful! My eyes are naturally a green-brown hazel color and quite large. These enlargement looks quite natural, but still noticeable. The grey blends into my natural color beautifully. These are my first pair of contacts so they were a bit uncomfortable when I first put them in, but my eyes adjusted within 2 minutes; there is very minimal drag, if any; and I can't even notice the contact line! Love these!!
"I just wanted to say how happy. I am with the LensMe contact lenses. I received today! They are great. Thanks heaps! All my friends want them now so you will probably be getting a lot of orders hehe :)"
I have tried every other brand for color change and G&G is truly the best brand! I can wear my contact for a month straight and never feel discomfort.
"Love your product! I have dark skin and dark eyes, I bought some Circle Green contacts from you a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to give you that feedback. Thanks heaps."
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