[1+1] Orange Sherbet 13.2mm (2p)

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[1+1] Orange Sherbet Silicone Hydrogel 13.2mm

Louis Shine Orange Sherbet Silicone Hydrogel with higher powers. has a natural resistance to dryness retain 96% moisture, keeping your eyes feeling hydrated from morning till night. With PC Technology, water molecules actually become a part of the Proclear Sphere (Higher Powers) contact lens, creating a natural resistance to dryness and also. Provide clear vision, exceptional comfort.


Product name / Louis shineOverall diameter (DIA) / 14.2mm
Duration of use / 1month / 2pGraphic diameter / 13.2mm
Manufacturer / LensMeBC / 8.8mm
Place of origin / South KoreaMoisture content / 38%
Frequency range / 0.00 ~ -8.00Astigmatic / Impossible

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Orange Sherbet Silicone Hydrogel

lensme Orange Sherbet review

Lensme Orange Sherbet

lensme Orange Sherbet

louis shine Orange Sherbet

Orange Sherbet color lens


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It just looks so beautiful on my dark brown eyes and I can wear them all day long without any dryness, I'm definitely gonna order other colors
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