Louis Shine Juliet Brown 13.0mm (2p)

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Juliet Brown Silicone Hydrogel 13.0mm

 * UV Blocking

Product name / Louis Shine Juliet Overall diameter (DIA) / 14.1mm
Duration of use / 1month / 2p Graphic diameter / 13.0mm
Manufacturer / LensMe BC / 8.7mm
Place of origin / South Korea Moisture content / 42%
Frequency range / 0.00 ~ -8.00 Astigmatic / Impossible 

  Louis Shine Juliet Silicone Hydrogel

Louis Shine Juliet Brown

Juliet Brown Silicone Hydrogel

LouisShine Juliet Brown

Louis Shine Juliet review

Louis Shine Juliet Brown review


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