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 [Neo Vision] Chagall Black 12.8 mm

Neo Vision Chagall Black lenses, are not meant for enlargent but just a extra push to sharpen the eyes giving a more cute awake look.


Product name / Chagall black
Overall diameter (DIA) / 14.0mm
Duration of use / 6 months or more Graphic diameter / 12.8 mm
Manufacturer / Neo vision BC / 8.4mm
Place of origin / South Korea Moisture content / 38%
Frequency range / 0.00 to -8.00 Astigmatic / Possible

 Neo Vision Chagall Black

Neo Chagall Black review

Neo Chagall Black circle lens

 Chagall Black

Neo Vision circle lenses Chagall Black 12.8mm



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The lenses are very beautiful. They give a natural enlargement to the eyes, perfect for a natural doll effect, perfect for daily


This lenses are perfect for a daily natural look, you can go to school or work and your eyes will look naturally bigger with no fake effect, the black corner gives a natural degrade to the edges of your eyes. I used the same lenses for one year and they were still good after that, but i don't recommend using any lenses for more than a year. They are very soft, you almost don't feel them. They good to clean and easy to take care. The prescription works really well.


my detailed review:

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