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 [Secret Star Girl] ks-01 Wonder Lash False Eyelash

[Secret Star Girl] Natural Lash (False Eyelash)

The style creates natural and pure eyes mixing with own original eyelashes.

Package includes:2 Pairs of false eyelashes, 1 Glue

natural eyelash

[Secret Star Girl] Natural Lash (False Eyelash)

[Secret Star Girl] Natural Lash (False Eyelash)

[Secret Star Girl] Natural Lash (False Eyelash)

K-Style False Eyelash (Transparent eye lines)

[Secret Star Girl] K Style Lash (False Eyelash)


1. Gently peel lash from stand. Hold false lashes to your upper lid to measure width. If too long, trim to size starting from out edge.

2. Create a small drop of adhesive on the back of your hand. Break a cotton swab in half, And use broken side of swab to dip into adhesive.

3. Apply to false lash band And hold for 20 seconds until adhesive is tacky.

4. Apply And hold false eyelash to eyelid until secure. Lash adhesive will be clear when it dries. Glue--Best used within 2 weeks of opening.

  * To remove: Use oil-based eye make-up remover to gently peel off And remove. Wash with water to remove excess glue on eyelids.


 Never apply lash adhesive directly to eyelids. Discontinue use if sign of irritation occurs. If swallowed, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach of children.


KC (Korea Certification Standard Mark) 

Safety No A012R001-7001A, A012R001-7101A, A012R001-7102A

In an effort to protect public health and safety, Korea requires that companies obtain prior certification in the form of a Korea Certification (KC) Standard Mark from authorized testing centers before certain products can be sold in Korea. Once you receive a certification, you are authorized to affix the KC Mark to your product, enabling consumers to recognize and select products for their safety, quality, health and environmental friendliness. 



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