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Stephanie Q.

It's pretty. My eyes look naturally big.

Olivia I.

These brown lenses really feel like my eyes. It wasn't noticeable, but there was a subtle highlighter, so I didn't notice much of a difference when I went back. I have severe dry eyes, but I put eye drops in my eyes and rolled them around before putting them in my eyes, so I was able to wear them for about 6 hours without my eyes feeling dry. After that, I only used disposable eye drops once, and they lasted about 10 hours! I love it so much.

Rebecca U.

The eyes become like a doll. I tend to like things that look natural and less obvious, so I thought it was a little too pretty like a doll's eyes. I think it would be perfect for those who seek a fancy doll-like style.

Morgan X.

It's truly my favorite lens. I've never seen or worn a prettier lens than this. I really recommend it. It has highlights, so it's so pretty, atmospheric, and delicate, and just makes you look like a goddess.
Please, please, please, I hope many people try it!!!😻😻 It’s a lens that’s comfortable to wear and worth the price… 👉👈

Allison L.

It was great to wear at school because it wasn't too obvious and the color was subtle! It's two-tone, but it doesn't look strange when rotated, and it's pretty, so I used it comfortably💕 The Glowy series is all natural and pretty, so I'm using it as a life lens that I stock up on every time I buy it❤️ I'll buy it again next time❤️


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