Want to review free KPOP2's colored contacts?

Are you a makeup guru or a beauty bloggers looking for a pair of KPOP2 circle lenses for review?

 All you have to do in your review is link back to www.kpop2.com, #kpop2 or tag us on whatever the social media you are using.

The recommended minimum is 1000 followers, and we'll be checking for your social media activity (e.g. most recent post, comments, likes).

By providing your information below, you agree to give us full permission to use your product review photos and content on KPOP2's marketing and social media activities.

Review lens shipment procedure

1. We will review the customers who have received the application by the 5th of the month.

2. The selected reviewers will send the courier along with the tracking number by the 15th of the month.